Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sugar and rain

My grandparents are in town. They're Bambaiyya, and so are tripping on the lovely baarish. We took them out for a post lunch dessert binge to Cafe Noir at UB city.

Ma had her standard order. A cappuccino and generous spoonfuls of our desserts. 
My nana and nani shared a chilled cookie frappe thingamajig whilst watching the rain. All very Bollywoodesque. 
Krish whallopped his strawberry tart. It had this lovely lemon tea base with frozen custard, and was nicely topped with candied strawberries. 
I had my all time favorite Triple Chocolate ganache. White, milk and dark chocolate. Absolute heaven. 

We then called for a Passion fruit Iced Tea. Chilled, minty and just the right amount of bitter. 

A perfect rainy day, if you'll ask me.